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At Within Harmony, we offer an array of hand selected, ethically sourced crystals and fossils to enhance your mind, body, spirit and home with the purifying and uplifting energy of our Earth. Our natural holistic therapies provide a unique and calming experience, which benefit body and soul to create peace from within. Come explore our offerings and find something that will help you on your path.

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Light, Color, & Sound Therapy


Crystal Light Bed

Stress, PTSD, depression, insomnia, migraines, pain? Can’t get motivated?
This energy healing technique
can help say goodbye to those afflictions and more.

The Crystal Light Bed is a vibrational healing tool that helps balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas of the body. Our light bed therapy is non-invasive and designed with PureWave® LED Light Sources, Brain-Sync Frequency Music, and a far infrared heated gem mat. On their own, crystal healing stones function on separate levels due to different vibrational profiles. Our light bed uses clear quartz Vogel cut crystals, light, color, and frequencies to promote wellness on many levels. A great modality to help you balance your mind, body & spirit or for pure pleasure.


Reiki Energy Therapy

Reiki is a system of high frequency healing energy that flows from the palms of an attuned practitioner. Using a light touch and guided by his intuitive abilities, Master practitioner David Miller rebalances the energy throughout the body and mind to stimulate healthy function for optimal well-being. The most common experience is an almost immediate release of stress and a feeling of deep relaxation. Other results that unfold as the day goes on: perhaps stronger digestion, a sense of being more centered, poised, less reactive and sleeping deeply that night.

What is a Chromotherapy session??

EFT TFT tapping solution stress relief pressure point holistic anxiety PTSD witch

EFT & TFT Tapping Therapy
You will learn, laugh and release!
Tap away your stress, anxiety, and fear and live life with clarity and peace of mind. Like acupuncture, EFT & TFT focuses on the meridian points-or energy hot spots-to restore balance to your body’s energy. Restoring balance can relieve symptoms a negative experience or emotion may have caused. Acupuncture uses needles to apply pressure to these energy points. EFT and TFT use fingertip tapping to apply pressure. Results vary based on the condition client is seeking therapy for. The session provides instruction on the tapping methodology; leave with a tool that benefits you daily. Available virtually!

Crystal Therapy

Earth energy & sound vibrations will get your body singing! Crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine involving the application of natural crystals to facilitate healing. Placed on the clients reclined body to balance Chakras (Energy centers), open the mind and clear blockages in the body that would lead to illness. Combined with the notes of a Tibetan singing bowl, this session will leave you with a calm and serene feeling. The positive effects of this Holistic modality include reduced mental stress, calms the nervous system, improves circulation, increases blood flow and much more.

This Combo Pack Rocks! 
Reiki, Crystals, Singing bowl
Master practitioner David pairs the warm soothing energy of Reiki with Earth energy from crystals and the healing vibrations of a Tibetan singing bowl. Experience a renewed energized body and grounding connection with the earth.

crystal therapy earth energy stress relief calming circulation sound therapy chromotherapy holistic healing tarot intuitive witches magic

All systems go Package  

Prepare to experience euphoria! Treat yourself to full immersion of the senses! This package includes Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Chromotherapy and Brain Sync Music therapy transporting you to a higher state of well-being.

About Us

About Us

har·mo·ny  (här′mə-nē)

n. pl. har·mo·nies

1.a. An orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole: color harmony; the order and harmony of the universe.

We all want to live a life of harmony; but just how do we get there?

Reduce stress, optimize our physical health, improve mental clarity, restful sleep, and so on…

If only there were a tool kit to help us along the path to this desired happy life.

Within Harmony was created with that intention. We offer Holistic Wellness therapies including Reiki, Crystal Light Bed (color, light, sound), Crystal Energy sessions and more. Book online or stop in to schedule an appointment for services~~some services are available virtually.

Visit our brick & mortar or shop online. We offer ethically sourced crystals, fossils, and minerals for the collector or those simply looking for that unique piece to decorate their home. Books, smudge accessories, home decor and more are just some of the items you will find at Within Harmony. Watch for our live online crystal sales via social media.

David and Aileen each have 30 + years--living, learning, and sharing--on their own path to a more natural and peaceful way of living. Both share a love of “rocks”

(and rock n roll), herbs, animals, and laughing.

They invite you to share in the joy of living a life

Within Harmony.

chromotherapy reiki crystals light bed singing bowl holistic natural alternative witch wicca
organic David J Miller reiki master energy healing life coach intuitive holistic tarot witches magic

David Miller

Life Coach / Reiki Master

Sometimes in life, you gotta just go for it; so, David Miller did just that.

For the last 25 years David Miller has been in leadership roles at the helm of various fortune 500 companies that allowed him to contribute to the success of people and businesses. While climbing the corporate ladder David never forgot that people are the most important asset and that you learn valuable lessons from everyone along the way.

Early on he worked as a set decorator for a theater in Delaware, dabbled in special effects makeup, and has always had a creative spark in anything he involved himself in.

Animals, nature, and music hold a huge place in his heart. People just love to talk to him. He is a gifted natural intuitive.

David has been a Reiki practitioner on the sidelines for years. Along the way he has gotten certified in a number of holistic modalities and is always working on expanding that list.

Combined with his genuine passion for the well-being of others and his vast management experience in corporate America, Within Harmony was born.

Providing services with a unique experience-utilizing state of the art Holistic therapy methods including light, sound, color, and energy therapies allowing you an immersive experience to benefit the mind, body, and spirit.


Modalities / Certifications

Life Coach / Reiki Master / Chromotherapy / Sound Therapy / Crystal Healing Therapy / CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) / Psychotherapy / Neuro Linguistic Programing / EFT & TFT Tapping

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